Whether you just bought a new golf glove and are looking to keep it in good condition or have an older one that your hoping to extend its life here are a few tips that will help.

1) If you just bought a new glove make sure to keep the package it came in. After each time you play put it back in the package and this will help keep it moist and prevent it from drying out and becoming stiff and harden.

2) You can also put your glove in a washing machine and make sure to wash it in cold water. Do not put it in the dryer after as this could shrink the glove. It’s best to take it out of the washer and put it on your hand and squeeze your hand a couple of times to regain it’s shape. Then just set it down and let it air dry.

3) One of best ways to keep your golf glove in good condition is after playing a round of golf put some water on your glove while it’s still on your hand and then take a towel and clean off all the dirt, grim and sweat from the glove. There is no need to use soap or any detergent as this could do more damage than good. Make sure to clean the palm and thumb areas well as this is where most of the wear is done.

4) One final tip on keeping your golf glove in good condition is to make sure to not use your golf glove to clean your golf ball or clubs. This just adds more dirt to your glove. Take off your glove when you go to clean your golf ball and clubs.

These tips will help you keep your golf glove looking like new and extend the life of your glove.